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Long-Term Valve Preservation
"كورتيك كوربوريشن" تطلق منتجات بلاستيكية قابلة للتحلل للأسواق البحرية و التحلل اللاهوائي [ 103.93 KB]
CASE HISTORY #558: Pressure Vessel Preservation [ 0 KB]
CASE HISTORY #560: Preservation of Steam Generation Tube Bundles [ 0 KB]
CASE HISTORY #561: Injection Nozzle Preservation [ 0 KB]
CASE HISTORY #562: Gas Injection Platform (GIP) Preservation [ 0 KB]
CASE HISTORY #563: Ship Shafts and Bearings Preservation [ 144.81 KB]
CASE HISTORY #600: Armor Plate Preservation
CASE HISTORY #602 Rust Removal and Cleaning of Pipes
CASE HISTORY #612 Preservation of Piping
Corrosion Protection of Valves During Hydrotesting and Storage [ 164.59 KB]
Cortec Develops Biodegradable Soy-Based Lubricant Featured in Facility Magazine!
Cortec Launches Biobased Film for Marine and Anaerobic Digestion Markets
Cortec Launches New Eco-Friendly Lubricant Featured in Trade Arabia Magazine!
Cortec® Middle East Receives Dubai Central Laboratory Certification For MCI® Products In Accordance With ASTM C 1582/C1582M-11 [ 1148.11 KB]
Cortec's EcoShield® VpCI®-144 featured in Middle East Magazine!
Corrologic VpCI Technology featured in Oil Review Middle East Magazine!
Decontaminating Soil Using Bioremediation Featured in Oil Review Magazine!
PIG-Launcher Preservation
Preservation of J-Tubes on Offshore Jackets
Preservation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger [ 144.32 KB]
Strategic approach: “ New Categories: A Paradise Without Competitors” Written by:Francisco Hidalgo, Cortec Distributor,Ecuador, South America [ 53.54 KB]
Wet Layup of Mooring Buoy
كورتك الرائدة تخترع أقراصًا مبتكرة لمقاومة التآكل