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Control Total de la Corrosion - Version 2008. [ 1654.72 KB]
Bionetix® International Represented in Canadian Water/Wastewater Trade Mission to Brazil [ 271.13 KB]
BioPad Fabric Provides Corrosion and Surface Protection for Metals Featured in CMW Magazine!
Brochure d'Entreprise [ 1045.48 KB]
Canadian Biotech enlists green solution for its war on waste [ 1099.61 KB]
Canadian Biotech Enlists Green Solution for its War on Waste Featured in Canadian Packaging Magazine! [ 336.32 KB]
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Approval [ 42.22 KB]
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Guide [ 90.05 KB]
CASE HISTORY #697: Golf Course Concrete Parking Pad Cleanup
CASE HISTORY #690: Gahan House Restaurant Outdoor Walkway Cleanup
CASE HISTORY #663: Protecting New High Voltage SRC Units Until Commissioning
CASE HISTORY #656: New Mining Equipment Preservation
CASE HISTORY #655: Long Term Preservation of Turret Brakes
Circuit Board Conformal Coatings Prevents Moisture Intrusion, Corrosion
Corrologic CorrCaps and Tube Strips from Cortec Protect Tubulars from Corrosion Featured in Canadian MetalWorking Magazine!
Cortec® Corporation lance des produits de film biosourcé destinés aux marchés de la digestion marine et anaérobique
Cortec EcoAir Tool and Die Rust Preventive Protects Metals up to 24 Months Indoors Featured in Metalworking Magazine!
Cortec’s EcoLine 3690 Temporary Rust Preventive is USDA-Certified Featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine
Cortec’s CorrVerter Serves as Alternative to Sandblasting Rust Featured in the Metalworking Magazine!
Cortec's EcoAir Spray Rust Preventive Redesigned for Eco-Friendliness Featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine!
Cortec's 329 D ES in Easy Spray Formula Offers Long-Term Corrosion Protection Featured in Food in Canada Magazine!
Corrosion Inhibitor Rebar Coating Featured in CFCM Magazine!
Corrosion Inhibitor Uses Nanotechnology Featured in CFCM Magazine!
Corrosion Inhibitors for Rebar Featured in CFCM Magazine!
Corrosion Protection Offered in Recyclable Cans Featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine!
Cortec’s EcoShield VpCI-144 Moisture Barrier Paper is Repulpable Featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine
Cortec Releases Survival Guide for Extended Shutdown of Commercial and Institutional Facilities Featured in World Pipelines Magazine
Cortec M-120 Additive Enhances Corrosion Protection of Water-Based Coatings Featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine!
Cortec has introduced CorShield VpCI-146 Creped Paper!
Cortec's Recyclable Moisture Barrier Papers Protect all Kinds of Metals Featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine!
Cortec VpCI®-391 Featured in CFCM Magazine!
Cortec® Introduces Ecoshield® Super Barrier Paper and Linerboard Featured in Pulp and Paper Magazine!
Cortec's EcoSonic ESD Paper Featured in Canadian Packaging Magazine! [ 1112.7 KB]
Cortec's EcoSonic ESD Paper Powered by Nano VpCI® Featured in Electronic Products and Technology Magazine!
Cortec's Nano-VpCI® Technology Featured in Canadian Finishing and Coating Manufacturing Magazine! [ 903.35 KB]
Cortec Unveils New Fast-Dry Version of Water-Based Micro Corrosion Inhibiting Coating Featured in CFCM Magazine!
EcoLine ELP Featured in Food Canada Magazine!
EU Trademark Approval Granted to Cortec's Biobased Rust Preventative, BioCorr Featured in CFCM Magazine!
Extra protection added to corrosion-inhibiting coating
Fast Drying Alkyd Topcoat
Faire face à la surcharge en contaminants des eaux usées dans l'industrie alimentaire
Marine Corrosion Protection Featured in CFCM Magazine!
MCI - Inhibiteurs de Corrosion Migrateurs [ 3788.84 KB]
New Reinforced Concrete Seawall Predicted to last more than 150 Years Featured in Boating Industry Magazine!
Préservation des équipements aéronautiques
Préservation des équipements maritimes
Riding the Coat-Tails to Greener Packaging Featured in Canadian Packaging Magazine!
Rust Control Featured in Resource Engineering Magazine! [ 170.34 KB]
Solutions d'emballage VpCI [ 1494.37 KB]
Spray-On Corrosion Inhibitor Featured in Canadian Coatings Magazine!
Strategic approach: “ New Categories: A Paradise Without Competitors” Written by:Francisco Hidalgo, Cortec Distributor,Ecuador, South America [ 53.54 KB]
VpCI®-426 Descaler/Rust Remover Featured in CFCM Magazine
Water-based, low-VOC VpCI-386 corrosion inhibitor from Cortec gets into microcavities Featured in CFW Magazine!