United Kingdom

United Kingdom CAF Plans World’s Largest VpCI Film Extrusion Plant Featured in Plastics Packaging Magazine!
United Kingdom CASE HISTORY #589: Refrigeration Plant Preservation
United Kingdom CASE HISTORY: Five-Year Preservation of Landing Craft [ 340.89 KB]
United Kingdom CE Certification opens EU Market to six Cortec® MCI® Concrete Protection Products Featured in Inside Industry Magazine!
United Kingdom Corrosion Inhibiting Coating Featured in Shipping UK Magazine!
United Kingdom Cortec MCI®-2020 Featured in Construction Magazine! [ 303.6 KB]
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United Kingdom Cortec® Distributor Lake Chemicals Celebrates 15th Anniversary [ 253.7 KB]
United Kingdom Cortec® Helps Aging Oil And Gas Structures In The Middle East
United Kingdom Cortec® Offers Synergistic Corrosion Inhibiting and Desiccant Action Featured in Construction Magazine!
United Kingdom Cortec® Receives CE Approval for Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) Products for the European Market! [ 914.24 KB]
United Kingdom Cortec's BioPouch available in Gulf
United Kingdom Cortec® Corporation approves HITEK-nology Solutions for Marine and Military Markets. [ 130.02 KB]
United Kingdom EcoCortec New Facility Featured in Converter Magazine!
United Kingdom Film Extrusion Plant to be Expanded Featured in Electronic Specifier Magazine!
United Kingdom HITEK- Combat Corrosion With Proven High Performance VpCI® Packaging [ 179.96 KB]
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United Kingdom MCI Technology Preserving War - Destructed Monument and Symbol of Croatian Independence Featured in Platform-Oil and Gas Magazine! [ 881.29 KB]
United Kingdom Multi-Phase Corrosion Protection for the Multiple Stages of Gas and Oil Production Featured in Oil and Gas Magazine! [ 1373.02 KB]
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United Kingdom Protect Products and the Environment; Metalworking Production, 14 April 2003
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United Kingdom Safe Corrosion Inhibitor for Food Can Protection Featured in Food and Drink Processing Magazine!
United Kingdom Simplifying Corrosion Protection for Grinders and Finishers Featured in Grinding & Surface Finishing Magazine! [ 85.15 KB]
United Kingdom Strategic approach: “ New Categories: A Paradise Without Competitors” Written by:Francisco Hidalgo, Cortec Distributor,Ecuador, South America [ 53.54 KB]
United Kingdom Three-Year Preservation of Landing Crafts [ 207.89 KB]
United Kingdom Turbine Preservation [ 0 KB]
United Kingdom Vehicle and equipment corrosion protection during storage and transit - Trial Report [ 22145.96 KB]
United Kingdom VpCI® Film Extrusion Plant Plans Important Expansion of Facilities and Cutting Edge Recycling Program Featured in Pollution Solutions Magazine!
United Kingdom VpCI®-426 Descaler/Rust Remover
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