VpCI's for Water Treatment/Layup Products Papers

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FEATURED IN: Working with Suppliers to Minimize Corrosion Between Manufacturing and Installation Featured in Process Cooling Magazine!
Minimizing the Risk of Corrosion During Repairs and Layup; Julie Holmquist
A New Generation of Water-Treatment Products; Boris A. Miksic, A.Y.Furman, M.A.Kharshan
A New Method for Corrosion Control in Dry Fire Protection Systems; Cliff Cracauer
Advantages of the Simultaneous Use of Corrosion Inhibitors and Inorganic Coatings; G. Batis, Cement and Concrete Technology in the 2000's Second International Symposium, 6-10 September 2000. Istanbul, Turkey
Anti-Corrosion Building Blocks for Open Recirculation Loop Cooling Systems; A. Hansen, A. Furman and M.Kharshan; Cortec Corporation, St.Paul, MN; 2009
Bavarian et al: Superior Corrosion Protection Effectiveness of VpCI-337 as Compared to Nitrogen Blanketing
Biodegradable & Renewable VpCI's™; B. A. Miksic et al; Aramco Water Treatment Conference, Dharan, Saudi Arabia, 2008
Biodegradable and renewable raw materials in a new generation of water-treatment products; B.A. Miksic, A.Y. Furman and M.A. Kharshan
Biodegradable and Renewable Raw Materials in a New Generation of Water-Treatment Products; B. A. Miksic, A.Y. Furman and M.Kharshan; Cortec Corp.
Biodegradable Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors; Christophe Chandler, Cortec Corporation; Materials Performance; 2001
Carbon Steel Protection in Marine Environment (Eurocorr 2009); A. Kacunic, H. Otmacic Curkovic, E. Stupnisek-Lisac, M. Kharshan
Comparison of the Corrosion Protection Effectiveness of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor and Nitrogen Blanketing System ; Behzad Bavarian, Jia Zhang, Lisa Reiner, Boris Miksic
Comparison of the Corrosion Protection Effectiveness of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors and Dry Air System; Behzad Bavarian, Yashar Ikder, Babak Samimi, Lisa Reiner, Boris Miksic
Cooling Tower Preservation
Corrosion Inhibitor Designed for Cooling Systems Featured in MP Magazine
Corrosion Inhibited in Steel Vessel Stored Outdoors; Plant Services; A. B. Huges, DuPont Company; Morgan C. Larkin, Editor-West; 1987.
CorShield® VpCI® 649 - Environmentally Safe Solution Featured in IPCM Magazine!
Cortec's Breakthrough VPCI™ Biobased Technology Presented at NACE Corrosion 2007; B. A. Miksic, FNACE, A.Y. Furman and M.Kharshan; Cortec Corp.
Effectiveness of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors Compared with Nitrogen Blanketing; Behzad Bavarian, Jia Zhang, Lisa Reiner, Boris Miksic, FNACE
How to Stay Ahead Of Corrosion; Figure-It-Out Field Guide, www.process-cooling.com, October 2006
Inhibited Polymeric Coatings Basic Principles and Future Perspectives; B. A. Miksic, FNACE; Cortec Corporation; NACE; 1976
Lay-up of Cooling Towers and Boilers with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors; A. Gandhi, B. A. Miksic, FNACE; Corrosion 2001 Paper 01487.
Lay-Up References; Checkout Cortec's collection of reference materials designed to aid in the process of equipment lay-up for long term storage.
Methodology of VCIs for Water Treatment; A. Furman, M. Kharshan; NACE, 1997.
Molybdate and Non-Molybdate Options for Closed Systems - Part II; S. Rey, The National Colloid Company and G. M. Reggiani, Eastern Technologies, Inc
Mothballing Your Drilling Rig, Water Well Journal, July 2009.Jill Ross, Water Well Journal
Organic Water Treatment Inhibitors: Expansion of Current Guidelines, Myths, Disinformation, and the Next Generation of Novel Chemistries - Part II; C. Frayne, CWT, Aquassurance, Inc, The Analyst, Fall 2009
Protecting Cooling Systems from Corrosion during Winter Layup; Casey Heurung and Julie Holmquist, Cortec Corp.
Protection Effectiveness of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor for Corrosion Under Insulation; Behzad Bavarian, Babak Samimi, Yashar Ikder, Lisa Reiner
Protection of Corrosion under Insulation using Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors, Corrologic VpCI-658; Behzad Bavarian, Yashar Ikder, Babak Samimi, Lisa Reiner
Seasonal Changes in HVAC Cooling Water Systems; J. Lukanich, ChemCal, Inc., "T.U.T.O.R." ; Fall 2001
Slow Release Corrosion Inhibiting Block; Boris Miksic, Margarita Kharshan, Ming Shen, Alla Furman, Ali Bayane
Slow Release Corrosion Inhibiting Block Published in April Issue of Materials Performance Magazine a NACE Publication!; Boris Miksic, FNACE, M.Shen, R.Kharshan, A.Furman, Ali Bayane
Technique developed to combat CUI; M.V. Veazey, September 2004
Use of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors for Galvanic Steel Protection; Andrea Hansen ; Cortec Corporation, St.Paul, MN
Use of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors for Galvanized Steel Protection; A.Hansen, A.Furman, M.Kharshan, B.Miksic, FNACE, and E.Austin; Cortec Corp., St.Paul, Minnesota
Use Of VpCIs (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors) for the Protection of Fire Water Systems; A. Gandhi, Cortec Corporation; 2002
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors in Fire Suppression Systems (Powerpoint Presentation); J. Hicks
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors In Hydro-Testing and Long Term Storage Applications; J. Holden, A. Hansen, A. Furman, R. Kharshan, E. Austin
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors in Lubricants; M. Kharshan, A. Furman, Corrosion 2005, NACE, Paper #05325
VCI Technology in Chloride-Containing Electrolytes at Elevated Temperatures; M. Kharshan, A. Furman, R. Inzunza, J. Hicks, and A. Vignetti
VCIs - A Novel Approach to Corrosion Control in the Water Treatment Industry; C. Chandler, M. Kharshan, A. Furma; Watertech; 1995.
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings; M. Prenosil; Cortec Corporation; FSCT; 1998
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Unique Water Treatment Applications; A. Gandhi, Cortec Corporation
VpCI-Based Corrosion Inhibitors in Hydrotesting and Long Term Wet Storage Applications; A. Furman, M. Kharshan, A. Hansen, J. Holden, E. Austin; Cortec Corporation, St.Paul, MN; 2010