EcoLine® CLP

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EcoLine CLP is a “green” version of a multifunctional penetrant/ lubricant, which provides the following properties:
• Lubrication
• Penetration
• Corrosion protection in humid and harsh environments
• CleaningThis product is designed for industrial, shop and home use. EcoLine CLP is perfect for indoor and outdoor application and safe for use on all metals and most plastics.This EcoLine product is based on a combination of canola oil and canola methyl ester as a carrier. Being 89-91% biobased, this product provides excellent lubricity and biodegradability. EcoLine CLP is environmentally friendly and leaves behind a very persistant layer that protects against corrosion.
• In-plant machining
• Bar and chain oil
• Flange lubricant
• Biodegradable and preservative oil for machinery
• Locks and hinges
• Nuts and bolts
• Office machinery
• Penetrating oil/lubricant
EcoLine CLP is packaged in 16 oz. (455 ml) spray bottles, 5 gallon (19 liter) pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) drums, liquid totes and bulk. The product should be sealed before storage. The shelf life of EcoLine CLP is up to 24 months.
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