CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL

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Description: CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL provides corrosion control in natural gas and crude oil gathering and transmission lines, including the difficult Top-of-Line (TOL) corrosion problems. CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL is a combination of vapor phase and film-forming corrosion inhibitors. It is particularly useful in combating the corrosion caused by condensation of acidic vapor in areas inaccessible by direct contact. It also provides excellent protection to Bottom-of-the-Line (BOL) corrosion caused by corrosive fluids. CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL is able to partition through hydrocarbon to reach aqueous phase, and to function in a variety of flow reigns. The unique chemistries of CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL enable the product to protect internal pipelines in “sweet/sour” saturated carbon dioxide/hydrogen sulfide environment.
Application: CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL is designed for use in natural gas pipelines and petroleum recovery processes, most effective in situations prone to TOL corrosion attacks.
Package: CorroLogic™ VpCI®-637 TOL is available in 5 gallon (19 liter) containers, 55 gallon (208 liter) metal drums, liquid totes, and bulk. Products should be stored in tightly closed containers.
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