EcoWorks® Resin, Biodegradable Resin for Film

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Description: EcoWorks Resin is a proprietary blend of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters designed for biodegradable film extrusion applications. In addition to the biodegradability, EcoWorks also contains Ingeo™ Biopolymer, an annually renewable resource derived from plant sugars. EcoWorks Resin provides an environmentally conscience alternative to polyethylene and polypropylene sheet materials. Formulating with EcoWorks Resin is customizable; it can be used as is or blended with other biodegradable materials and process additives to obtain desired properties.
Application: • Garbage and Mulch Bags • Community Composting Programs • Grocery Bags • T-shirt Bags • Retail Packaging
Package:Available in 454 kg (1000 lb) gaylords packaged in a barrier bag.
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