VpCI®-705 Fuel Additive

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Description: VpCI®-705 is specially formulated for use as a multifunctional fuel additive. It serves as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabilizer, and water emulsifier for gasoline, diesel, and gasohol mixtures. VpCI®-705 provides corrosion protection, lubricity, and elastomer protection. As a fuel stabilizer, this product provides better engine performance. VpCI®-705 provides excellent corrosion protection for all common engineering metals used in automotive fuel systems including aluminum, aluminum die cast and zinc die cast alloys, tinplate, copper, ferrous alloys, cast iron, and solder.

VpCI®-705 provides corrosion protection in gas/gas condensate transmission lines and collectors even in the presence of aggressive contaminants such as electrolytes, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. VpCI®-705 provides excellent protection in both continuous and intermittent treatment.
This product gives unique multi-metal corrosion protection in all phases: liquid, interface, and vapor phases. Furthermore, due to its tenacious film forming properties, VpCI®-705 even provides corrosion protection to non-metallics; i.e. rubber gaskets, seals and plastics against oxidation, cracking, and aging.

Package: 5 gallons (19 liters), 55 gallon (208 liters), totes and bulk.

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