EcoLine® Biobased Grease powered by Nano VpCI®

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Description: EcoLine® Biobased Grease powered by Nano VpCI® is a multipurpose biobased grease with superior corrosion protection properties. It is formulated from vegetable oils, lithium-based thickener, extreme pressure additives, and Cortec® VpCI® corrosion inhibitors. It contains 86% USDA biobased content and is listed as part of the USDA BioPreferred® federal purchasing program.

Application: Use EcoLine® Biobased Grease to lubricate and/or protect

•Metal-to-metal contact areas •Lubricating sleeves •Ball and roller bearings •Vehicle/equipment chassis •Enclosed hard-to-reach cavities

Package: This product is available in 14.5 ounce (428.8 mL) cartridges (12 per carton), 5 gallon (19 liters) pails, and 55 gallon (208 liter) drums.

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