Cortec® VCI-286

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ElectriCorr™ Conformal Coating

Cortec's ElectriCorr(tm) VCI-286 Conformal Coating makes electronic repairs in the field quick and easy. Cortec's VCI(r) patented technology provides a strong secondary method of coverage. VCI-286 surpasses factory quality by providing complete corrosion protection that traditional conformal coatings don't offer. Cortec VCIs vaporize and migrate to all crevices, voids and recessed areas where other conformal coatings can't reach. The VCIs form a thin protective film to stop attack from dendrite corrosion and other crystalline oxidation. VCI-286 offers a stronger, more resilient coating providing up to 5 years of continuous protection.

An acrylic based formulation, VCI-286 does not contain VOCs or other hazardous solvents. After repairing a PC board, field personnel can re-coat PC boards with just a few quick sprays from its handy-to-use 12oz spray can. The product contains a UV indicator to easily show complete coverage or where a quick touch-up is needed. ElectriCorr(tm) VCI-286 gives field personnel a conformal coating that matches or improves the corrosion protection of factory quality levels.

Cortec's ElectriCorr(tm) VCI-286 is specifically suited for use in coastal, industrial and other severe environments. Many PC board failures occur due to hairline cracks caused by the excessive expansion and contraction of conformal coating. The VCI action of ElectriCorr(tm) 286 ensures that the PC boards withstand aggressive attack from these harsh environments. VCIs provide continuous protection for both the ferrous and non-ferrous metals utilized on PC boards. VCI-286 helps to maintain a high level of PC board performance and extends the life of printed circuitry boards.

Cortec's ElectriCorr(tm) VCI-286 conformal coating combats another major reason for PC board failure, electrical shorts. VCI-286 non-conductive coating provides superior insulation from electrical bridging, static build-up, and corona shorts. It does not alter electronic resistance, magnetic, or thermal properties of metal substrates. The transparent colorless coating makes it easy for repair personnel to identify and test electronic components on the board. In addition to convenient 12 oz spray cans, Cortec's ElectriCorr(tm) VCI-286 is available in drum containers for inline processing and manufacturing of PC boards.